Case Study


Transforming a wholesale B2B brand into an up-and-coming direct to consumer luxury linens disruptor.
Services Provided

Discovery + Strategy

Brand Design


Packaging + Collateral

E-Commerce Website

Brand Activation

Digital Marketing


Pan Pacific Lotus, a family owned linen company selling sheets and towels to the hotel industry, came to Revere in search of a new website. PPL had been selling it’s hotel sheets and towels to consumers for a couple of years using a homegrown website. Seeing its success, PPL decided to invest in a full-blown ecommerce website as their goal is to shift their business to focus on sales direct to consumers. As a part of our brand development process with the company, we facilitated renaming the brand from Pan Pacific Lotus to Sevenfold

Discovery + Strategy

During the discovery phase of our project, Revere quickly assessed that PPL not only needed an e-commerce website but a full brand architecture and creative development. The name Pan Pacific Lotus and the corresponding experience was geared toward the hotel industry and didn’t have the focus and appeal a consumer brand requires. 

Start at the beginning by uncovering and creating a brand that would carry Sevenfold into the luxury linens category and position them for success. A major component of our discovery, strategy and creative work was to explore new trade names for the brand. Revere’s strategy and creative team put our ends together to explore names and ultimately the company was renamed to Sevenfold. 

Visual Identity

From the early onset, we knew we would positioning Sevenfold as a luxury brand. Therefore, any visual representation would have to convey a more elevated and sophisticated appeal. With roots in both Thailand and the Pacific Northwest, there was also a zen we wanted to incorporate into the identity which was ultimately denoted in the brand mark combined. Further, the brand had to be responsive – meaning we needed to be able to scale it for various uses, so our design team developed a primary logo as well as a fully expanded logo nodding toward the company’s 20-plus year legacy, and a monogram to be used when space is limited. 

Revere’s design team supported photography direction and the entire brand experience from the time a customer orders through the unboxing and even product tags. For Sevenfold, we pulled out all the stops and the result was a highly versatile and beautiful brand!


Web Design + Development

Our team started from the ground up with an all-new e-commerce web build. Information architecture, content strategy, clean, on-brand design, hand-coding, and a seriously in-depth QA process all made this website sing. User experience was paramount, and a vast improvement over the former brand’s platform.

Brand Activation

After completed the rebrand of PPL, Revere continued to partner with Sevenfold to create and execute their brand launch and ongoing activation

Project Team:
Account Manager: Kelliana Cole
Strategy: Kristy Beaulieu
Creative Director: Matt Cole
Design Lead: Hattie MacLeod
Production Designer: Tessa Plumb
Copywriter: Jeanne Goshe
Lead Developer: Jeremy Ross
SEO: Matt Malone
Digital Marketing: Alan Hwang + Jacob Merrill
Social: Josh Friesen
Product Photography: Natasha Hirtzel
Lifestyle Photography: Baylee Dennis
Models: Beau + Britty