What does a wedding site’s rebrand mean for your business?


Founded in 1996, The Knot is a wedding planner and media company all in one, providing couples with inspiration, advice, and resources to plan their big day. But while the company and its services have evolved significantly over the years, its own branding has not. So when now that the brand has just launched its first new logo and branding since its original one, we took a long hard look at the changes and while it’s subtle, it has the intentionality that we revere.
The old logo was soft and “cute”. Between the light blue color and the lowercase approach, it looked more like a baby-related brand more than for adults. The Knot’s CMO, Dhanusha Sivajee, notes, “We’ve seen more men get involved in wedding planning over the years, so the light blue color of our logo felt a bit too stereotypically feminine. We chose red, not only because it symbolizes love, but also because it’s about confidence and courage.”

The new logo is an evolution that keeps the quirks that made the old one recognizable, in particular, the “k”, but stylized in a more sophisticated and contemporary execution with sharper edges and tighter curves.
The letterforms are more confident and energetic with a new rhythm on the baseline that gives it a more active look.

Sivajee said, “When we looked at our logo, it felt a bit formal, so we wanted to focus on cleaning it up a bit in the curves to make it feel more informal and fun, but still holding on to the energetic signature that’s rendered throughout it.”
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Created by Abbott Miller and Pentagram, The Knot’s new branding has a casual but stylish aesthetic that seems to drive Instagram’s trends. While it doesn’t really convey anything too distinct about weddings or The Knot’s business, maybe that’s the point.

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In a world of changing targeting strategies, platform specificities, and consumers who are influenced by more variables than ever, the need to be agile has never been more important.

Branding, when done right, should be able to scale and flex with your business throughout the shifts in the marketplace.