What Makes a Great Brand?


Great brands don’t just magically appear. They are intentionally crafted to establish connection in an effort to achieve organizational goals. Here’s a look at three traits all strong brand possess:


1. Great brands are genuine: they make a promise and keep it.

Even with the best product on the market, a disingenuous branding strategy simply won’t sell. A strong brand can be profitable while maintaining authenticity. Generally, this means providing transparent morals, values and best practices, and having open communication at all levels. Brands that uphold this standard are viewed as reliable, respectful, and above all else, real. Consumers will always interact with brands they feel they can trust, and it may even motivate them to give their business to a brand they believe in once that trust has been formed, even if a cheaper alternative or product is available. This is beneficial for ongoing customer rapport and brand support.

2. Great brands inspire partnership, passion, and support at all levels of an organization.

For a brand to be memorable, it must evoke emotion. Emotion is a pathway to partnership and deeper connection. In time, this morphs into a meaningful exchange between company and customer that is mutually beneficial over the long term. With careful and consistent brand management, longevity can truly blossom. Gaining a competitive edge will always begin with putting the consumer first, and pleasing customers will always be a relevant and deeply important brand strategy. A great brand has a firm understanding of this and implements it in every aspect of business.

3. Great brands stand for something. It’s not just about selling.

Great brands aren’t just a luxury, they’re a necessity. A company or organization must know itself to the core and make a concerted effort to look beyond its niche and continuously reinvent. However, any reinvention must be consistent with the brand’s core values, messagery and style. Consider a new direction, surprise the consumer in some way, or make the brand even more multi-dimensional. With clear core values, an unmistakable position and long-term strategy, a great brand will organically come into fruition. When done correctly, these things form a highly attractive and desirable brand.


Is your brand on track with these three characteristics? If not, maybe we should talk. We’d love to help.