The execution of activating your brand may change,

but the results can still be the same

In America, our reality has become that of life mostly confined to our homes. Well, except for making a grocery run or snagging a few minutes of desperately-needed exercise.

In the business sphere, there’s opportunities aplenty waiting to be harnessed. Plenty of business owners are staying on their toes and readily pivoting their business plans to suit present times, or just simply trying to keep things afloat while we weather the storm (pardon the pun). Collectively, we’re all yearning for brighter days ahead.

Our advice? If your business was in the middle of developing your brand before the pandemic, do everything in your power to keep those efforts chugging vigorously along. And rest assured: Even if you weren’t up to your toes in brand development, you can still activate your brand right now. Yes, even from the comfort of your living room.

Shift to an all-online strategy

Of course, business in recent times has largely been conducted in and dominated by the virtual space, and building an all-online strategy for your brand should be no exception. It’s the bread and butter of business in 2020, and it matters to do it well. Here are a few angles for reinvigorating your brand or starting with a bang:

  • Host an online brand launch. What produces a successful online brand launch? Meticulous planning and seamless execution. As the old adage goes: you only get one chance to make a first impression.
  • Initiate a digital marketing blitz through social and pay per click. In other words, create a very short, intensive, and focused marketing campaign for a product or your business. This approach is designed to engage as many people and drive as much traffic as possible to you, your current offerings, and your business in a short amount of time. Make it count.
  • Consider creating a virtual event where you incentivize your audience to show up via webinar. As they say, there’s no time like the present. With current technologies making virtual connections easier than ever before, there’s no reason not to include and connect with your customers. Further encourage audience attendance and participation with giveaways, a Q&A, or with another type of engaging activity.

Focus on internal activation

Before you can experience outward success, you must first look inward. The only way to successfully activate your brand is to first tend to things internally. This begins and ends with the people who comprise your team, from employees to senior leadership.

When activating your brand, organizational culture is on full display for those externally perceiving it. Work to find your “why” — as a team — and extract meaning from it. Be authentic and true to yourselves and your vision. It is from this place that you must make all decisions about your activation, launch, and all brand effort. Activate a culture of opportunity and work tirelessly to care for it.

Consider the long-term

We are living and creating during an unprecedented time in our shared history. Possibilities are everywhere. Those that dare to explore and seize these opportunities are generously rewarded not just in the short-term, but for the long haul.

Keep your foot on the gas and follow through with all brand and marketing efforts. Vigilant brand maintenance bolsters brand development and secures lasting change.

Are you weighing the possibility of enhancing your organization’s brand identity? Let’s talk. We can help guide you through the process during these historic times.