Careers at Revere

If you’re looking for a place to build your career and not just find another job, you’ve come to the right place.

About Revere

Revere is a branding and design agency proudly hailing from the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in brand development, handcrafted design, marketing/campaign strategy, and web/technology solutions across a variety of industries.

Revere was founded on two principles: serving our clients’ best interests would always be paramount to anything else, and the professionals we work with are the cornerstone of who we are. In both we found a serene element of appreciation – the brands with whom we engage and the people with whom we collaborate should each be revered.

Our Values

Revere is a values-driven branding and design agency for the digital age.

  • Integrity. We seek to operate as positive contributors to the world around us and always seek the best outcomes for our clients, our team and our community.
  • Community. We see ourselves as part of a greater whole. We value partnership with our clients, peers, coworkers and the world at large.
  • Thoughtful. Whatever we do, we strive to do it with intention.
  • Quality. The output of our efforts should be done with care and create value for us and those we work with. Our work, and what we deliver will always be high quality.
  • Optimism. We believe that the world should be a better place because of us. We adopt the outlook that the world can be better if good people choose to make it so.
  • Creativity. We solve problems through creative thinking and strive to keep the creative process fun.
  • Empathy. Greater than the work we do is our contribution to humanity. We operate with compassion, love and equality regardless of race, background, beliefs or culture.

Current Openings

We have no available positions at this time.

Please check back with us, or send an email to to inquire about freelance opportunities.