Columbia River Economic Development Council

Developed a campaign brand, visual identity and digital footprint that targeted prospective residents of the Clark County region in the Pacific Northwest.

Services Provided

  • Branding + Campaign
  • Messaging
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design


The Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC) develops a strong, innovative business environment across Clark County in collaboration with over 150 private and public sector partners. In alignment with its economic development plan, CREDC sought to define the brand and character of the region, while promoting the unique amenities that attract new residents.

CREDC partnered with Revere to position Clark County as one of the most inclusive, healthy and amenity-rich communities in the country. Our partnership resulted in a vibrant campaign that will compel young, college-educated people to live and work in Clark County, Washington while elevating the profile of the region.

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Campaign Identity

Originally dubbed Your Journey Starts Here – our team saw an opportunity to clarify messaging that would both make it known where “here” actually was, and separate Clark County, Washington as its own unique community apart from other competing identities locally and nationally.

While many people consider moving to the Portland metro area to live and work in Portland itself, If you look just a little further north, your journey begins in the gateway to the Pacific Northwest. We established an all-new identity calling it Just North.

The visual identity was hand-crafted to capture the authentic and unique attributes of the greater Clark County community.

Columbia River Economic Development Council
Just North Campaign
Just North Brand Design


If the essence of community-building is establishing a sense of belonging, then having a visual attachment to enhance community identity was a nice touch. We designed a series of Community Journey Badges, posters and social-sharing memes for each locale that captured an attribute from each city within Clark County.

badge design
sticker design
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Strategy + Messaging

Our research confirmed that the Just North audience was highly engaged on both Instagram and LinkedIn. Both social media platforms had a different focus, so we centered our content strategy around targeted messages for each network to communicate and engage with audiences while showcasing the people, organizations and opportunities that make Clark County a great place to establish roots.

your journey starts here
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Campaign Website

Revere engineered a custom website intended to showcase the stories that make Clark County an abundant place to live, work and grow. The website centered around three core content pillars: Live Here, Work Here, Experience Here. Each area featured stories from people who inhibit the community, companies who are actively investing in local economic growth and amenities that are offered.

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Project Team:
Creative Director: Matt Cole
Strategy: Kelliana Cole
Project Manager: Michele Mather
Badge Design: Evan Delagrange
Graphic Design: Tessa Plumb
Social Media: Andrea Wheelon