Developing a brand to help turn ordinary spending into extraordinary support

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Web Design
  • Creative Production


GroundSwell partners with nonprofit organizations to redirect transaction fees from the daily purchases of their loyal members. Every time their card is used to make a purchase, GroundSwell shares the processing fees with nonprofit organizations.

Revere partnered with GroundSwell to elevate its brand identity across multiple channels and deliver a cohesive strategy and standardize assets to three key audiences.

Discovery + Strategy

We began with a full audit of the existing brand and made recommendations to for total optimization. GroundSwell has a unique idea that wasn’t fully understood before they introduced it. As a result, they needed a communications strategy for three separate audiences with very different needs. Investors, non-profit organizations and cardholders all had specific value points in order to make GroundSwell effective and compelling as a disruptor. Each audience needed to understand the challenges and opportunities of GroundSwell’s business model as it directly pertained to them, requiring a deep dive into the value triggers for each.

Our branding team developed GroundSwell’s brand voice, design principles and core messaging that would communicate a meaningful set of values, clearly explain the company’s mission and establish magnetic qualities early-on. The result was a visually stunning brand with a compelling backstory all built through an effective brand strategy.

We helped GroundSwell tell their story by developing a meaningful communication system to help audiences support their favorite non-profit organizations through everyday transactions.


Our creative review of the current brand identity revealed ways in which we could further elevate the brand through design. While we ultimately didn’t believe that a logo redesign was necessary, we also saw an opportunity to improve the visual branding. This was done through aligning the brand mark and logotype with the principles of sacred geometry. The brand mark was adjusted to follow the Golden Ratio and for fun, we applied kerning to the logotype following the Fibonacci Sequence. Not only did this tighten up the logo visually, the effort was also attributed to speak the language of GroundSwell’s math-minded founder.

Interactive WEB DESIGN

Anytime you play in the financial space, you’re bound to run into compliance issues. Our team is no stranger to the constraints of regulatory guidelines. For GroundSwell, we focused on a web presence that would communicate concept of how its debit card works and tailor other features of the site toward Nonprofit Organizations who needed to see clear and direct benefits to signing on to a card program. The result we a simple, but beautifully on-brand website that achieved all of that.


Back to strategy. How did we strategically activate the brand? What were the challenges and initiatives we took to introduce the revamped brand to the world? Also briefly share the ongoing conversion and production work we did and how that was a benefit to the client.